Warning: this tutorial is in an early-Alpha form and is being released for comments and feedback - currently only 1 game exists, but more games will be added as they are written, but the entire tutorial will be undergoing significant structural changes as it's completed.

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When I put a simple 80 line platformer up on the Quintus Website, I was aware that people would probably use that example as a starter for platformer games with the Quintus Engine. What I didn't realize is that people would only use that example and build pretty much nothing but platformers with the Engine.

This tutorial is an attempt to fix that problem by showing the Engine used to build 9 different games. Furthermore the point of the tutorial is to show you that how subtle the implementation differences between different genres of games are - take a top down RPG-like game, add gravity and you have a side scroller. Take a 2D runner game, remove gravity, and suddenly you have a 2D space shooter.

This tutorial will assume some basic familiarity with Quintus - so if you haven't read through the Quintus Guide, I recommend you do that now (even just to give it a quick scan)

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Additionally, the hope is that by playing with various pieces of the engines to build games in a gaggle of genres, you'll feel more comfortable with breaking out of specific genres of games and create the next indie world-beater.

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