About the Jekyll Theme

Photo Credit: Michael Rose

About the Jekyll Theme

Looking for a simple, responsive, theme for your Jekyll powered blog? Well look no further. Here be So Simple Theme, the followup to Minimal Mistakes --- by designer slash illustrator Michael Rose.

So Simple Theme is all about:

  • Responsive templates. Looking good on mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Gracefully degrading in older browsers. Compatible with Internet Explorer 8+ and all modern browsers.
  • Minimal embellishments and subtle animations.
  • Readable typography to make your words shine.
  • Support for large images to call out your favorite posts.
  • Disqus comments if you choose to enable.
  • Simple and clear permalink structure[^1].
  • Tags for Open Graph and Twitter Cards for a better social sharing experience.
  • Vanilla custom 404 page to get you started.

Install Minimal Mistakes Theme

[^1]: Example: domain.com/category-name/post-title